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How to speed up audio in Adobe Audition (Easy Guide)

The question of how to speed up audio in Adobe Audition is a frequently asked Question by beginners or first time users. The query is valid. 

It’s understandable that you might want to speed up audio when editing your podcast, create chipmunk and other cool sound effects, and being new to Adobe Audition you may be finding it difficult to do that.

In this article, you will be learning the best and easiest way to change audio speed in Adobe Audition,  tips for speeding up a portion of your audio or dialogue all using Adobe Audition. This guide will walk you through the process so stay tuned and read until the end!

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Step-by-Step Guide To Speed Up Audio in Adobe Audition

Ready to give your audio a quick boost? This guide will walk you through speeding up audio files in Adobe Audition – no complex settings needed!

  1. Enable Clip Stretching:
    Look for the stopwatch icon labeled “Toggle Global Clip Stretching” in the top left corner of your workspace. Click it to activate this feature. This allows you to adjust the playback speed of your audio clips.
  2. Select Your Audio Clip:
    Click on the audio clip you want to speed up in your timeline. Alternatively, use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) to select all clips.
  3. Speed Up the Audio:
    Hover your mouse over the right corner of the selected clip. You’ll see a white triangle appear. Drag this triangle left to speed up the audio and right to slow it down. As you drag, the percentage value next to the triangle changes, indicating the speed adjustment.
  4. Listen and Adjust (Optional):
    Click the play button to preview your audio at the new speed. If needed, you can fine-tune the speed further by dragging the white triangle again.

Boom and that’s it! You’ve successfully sped up your audio in Adobe Audition.

Alternative Method: 

For advanced users, you can also adjust the speed through the Properties panel. 

  • Open the panel, locate the “Stretch” section, and set the desired percentage value.

Remember: Speeding up audio can affect the pitch. If maintaining the original pitch is crucial, consider using the “Stretch and Pitch” effect for more control. See Speed up audio without changing pitch in Adobe Audition for more insight.

Happy editing!

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FAQs for How to Speed Up Audio in Adobe Audition (Easy Guide)

Yes, speeding up audio typically raises the pitch and vice versa. This guide focuses on the basic method, which alters both speed and pitch.

Use the “Stretch and Pitch” effect and uncheck “Link Stretch to Pitch” before adjusting the speed.

No, you can drag the white triangle to any point between values for a more precise speed adjustment.

  • Use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl/Command + A for all, arrow keys for navigating).
  • Click and drag to select multiple clips.

The “Properties” panel is typically located on the left side of the workspace.

Dragging the triangle to the right will slow down your audio playback.

Click the play button in the timeline or Waveform Editor to hear the audio at its adjusted speed.

While technically possible to speed up audio significantly, doing so can introduce audio artifacts and make it sound unnatural. Experiment to find a suitable balance.

Unfortunately, the basic method in this guide affects the entire clip. Use the “Selection Tool” and the “Stretch and Pitch” effect for targeted adjustments.

Adobe offers extensive online resources, including tutorials and documentation, to help you learn more about the software. Additionally, online communities and forums can be valuable sources of support.

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